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What is a Fresco?

Fresco is a type of mural painting. It is a unique approach painted on plaster walls. As the plaster dries, it carbonizes to form a remarkably hard skin of calcium carbonate, locking the particles of absorbed pigment into place. The painting must be done quickly and surely, before the base has time to dry.

Fresco is much more than a painting technique. It is an exercise in patience, diligence, and skill. A large fresco can take weeks to complete as each and every layer must be handled with special care.

And also the painting can be made on a dry surface which I will call dry fresco. In dry fresco, the painting is done on dry plaster with pigments having a glue or casein base.

The fresco look is very different to oil paintings or murals. Classic frescos do not have colours as bright as a mural. Natural earthy colours such as rust, mustard, wine red were most commonly used.

How ever the cave paintings has not been painted on a plaster wall but I would like to be able to say Archaeologists date the earliest murals back to prehistoric man 30,000 years ago to the Old Stone Age. Perhaps we may be able to call the 30,000 year old paintings in the Hauvet cave in France the earliest recorded frescos. The art of fresco has survived ever since, gaining and waning in popularity as times change.

Our Panel Frescos

Türel Süts Living with Frescos project specialises in making both classical and contemporary plaster panel frescos using methods which involve painting directly onto plaster. Turel, the fresco artist, has devised a way to incorporate frescos into modern life by producing fresco panels without working directly on a wall whilst keeping the unique style and texture of an ancient fresco. Being portable the panel can then be hung in any room in your home or you may like one of our frescos from our exterior range creating a relaxing Mediterranean feeling to your garden, patio or conservatory.

Each panel is designed to the individual’s specifications, hand crafted, hand painted and finished to a high standard with the aim of producing a frescos to suit your individual taste and decorative requirements to enhance your interior or exterior style. 

The company was established by fresco specialist Turel Sut, and working along side the painter is his small but experienced team. Living with Frescos is based in Hastings, 1066 Country, on the South East coast of England. 

Historically frescos were painted directly on the wall but nowadays this style of application does not suit everyone’s requirements. However, Turel has found a solution to this problem, by creating fresco panels. This provides you with the flexibility of moving the panel when necessary. Our panel frescos are ready to be hung like a painting to enhance your home or business. 

The average thickness of the panel is between 1.5 to 2cm. They are kept as thin as possible so that the painting blends into the wall. Also each one is given a unique shape to look like the remaining piece left from an original ancient painting, looking like thousands of years old. 

All panels are backed with velvet to create a soft surface against your wall and brass flat plate hooks are used to place the panel flush against the wall. 

We can also paint the subject on canvas if required, but we would not be able to use the same technique we use for panel frescos and also we would not call the final piece of art a fresco.

Fresco Panels at Home or in the Work Place.

If you want to "hang" a panel fresco just like a painting you can. This is ideal way to display your fresco if you are thinking of moving property in the future.

There are many ways to hang or display your piece of artwork. You can choose from the list below.

Permanently attached:This will involve one of our team to come and professional attach it on your wall. This involves drilling through your fresco into the wall, filling the hole and repainting the area. This method will incur an extra charge.

Hooked:Hanging on the wall. This is the easiest way to display your painting because it does not need to be hung by us. We will send the painting by cargo ready to hang up. This is the most popular method to display our frescos.

Framed:Regardless of the shape of your fresco we can frame it.

On a stand:You may prefer not to hang the fresco panel and choose to have it free standing.